What're the pros and cons of job hunting in this recession market?

I'm in india and I'm trying to decide if I'm going to weather it out in my current place or go job hunting in the middle of a lockdown. Current place has a lot of scummy things planned including downsizing and pay cuts. They've already cancelled my promotion using the pandemic as a convenient excuse. I'm sure I'm good enough that they won't be let me go, but it's going to be a shitty year over here.

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    Doesn’t the indian police use long sticks to beat curfew breakers?
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    It's gonna be longer than a shitty year. It's going to be cataclysmic.

    Modi will extend the lockdown past the 14th, and people will ignore the order, leaving their homes to go about their business; selfish tendencies will prevail. That will cause an explosion of cases and lead to stiffer quarantine measures, potentially to the point of martial law.

    Definitely not a good time to be looking for work.
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    @heyheni Job hunting obviously does not mean walking out and knocking on doors smartass. And the curfew is supposed to end in a week
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    @hashedram There is no need to be aggressive, mate. Besides, "supposed" is the key word in your sentence. If it were to end in a week, I can assure you that it would be for naught.
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