Mate - whatcha doing ...
Me - oh just hacking nasa
Mate - seriously!? 😯😨
Me - OOOOh yeah I do it all the time see (shows similar photo)
Mate - don't hack me 😭
Me (in head) - you poor dumb fuck...
Me irl - I won't if you don't piss me off 😏

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    C'mon, hacking is not rocket science
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    And that is not a NASA rocket! 😝 (Is a Russian (Former USSR?) Energia)
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    @303Tek pretty sure it's just a Soyuz rocket.
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    @303Tek mate 😂, I selected one from Google quick for my post didn't look at it wasn't at main computer
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    @h3ll yes they are if you think you can your wasting your time hacking nasa when you got loads of real work to do
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    (Note: Just another funny comment 😄)
    @benhongh Soyuz is the capsule, Energia is the rocket itself. I know for sure because I'm a hakzorrr!!!!!

    @FitzSuperUser Mmmm. Appears that you ended haking the Kremlin but you're too humble to brag!

    rocketRant FTW!!!
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    @303Tek pretty sure the carrier rocket for the Soyuz capsule is also called Soyuz, which is a derivative of the R7 ICBM. Energia was the carrier rocket for the Buran shuttle though.
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    I thought this was devrant not rocket rant 😂😂😂
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    @FitzSuperUser rockets are fascinating machines though.
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