Not only in my work, but in my life.

My biggest inspiration is the popcorn seller that patiently stays outside the subway exit, standing, every fucking day, from 4-5pm until 0-2am.

He stays until after the subway closes, and only leaves after everyone waiting for their Uber or their ride do.

In the rainiest day of the year, he was there.
In the coldest day of the year, he was there.
In the worst crisis of our country in the last decades, the region became temporarily infested by bandits and beggars. Sometimes I had to work overtime until 11:30pm and I had to be very cautious with all the robbers in the empty dark street. But guess who was there, sometimes calmly saying "get out, go work" to the bad elements bothering him?

I find it reallybfunny and refreshing when everyone is inside waiting for the rain to settle down, while he is standing in the middle of it. Or when I'm coming home really late, and he is still out there freezing cold.
There is no excuse for not doing your best. Life sucks sometimes, but there are no excuses. Just work hard, and laugh at the bad times.
Every time I saw him there, I thought "my day was hard, but I could've worked even harder". At the same time he made me feel better for having a better job, he inspired me not to bitch about any little things.

Then you might ask: "isn't he dumb to stay until 2am even though he is probably not getting any costumers after 11pm?" or "how can someone so unsuccessful be so inspiring?"

Well, I don't know. He just is.
Do almighty, genious people like Steve Jobs inspire me at work? Of course. More than this man? Certainly not.

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    That man is a champion, must be hard to be in his shoes, i guess in every city there's some warriors of life, a big respect for those people
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    Buy some of his wares and tell him this. You never know, today might be the day he needs the encouragement and even if not, you're giving back by supporting him.
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    @nmunro that's the key. Random words of encouragement help so much.
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    @nmunro I agree. I told my 7th grade typing teacher how much he influenced me to become a developer and he was speechless.
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    Pow. Right in the feels. I've never even met the gentleman and he's inspired me. It's truly amazing how far your actions can reach within ever knowing.
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    Marking it favorite to read back when feeling down.
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    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story that can make us appreciate more what we have!
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    Maybe you should tell him that sometime. Kind words are too seldom.
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