@dfox and @trogus,

What if you made something out of DevRant©2016 then you hired employees and they started ranting about y'all. What would you do? Would you make an admin panel to stalk the employees posts? Would you make sure they don't slander you as bad people? I'm curious to see how that would work out.

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    Feedback is useful. Most employers don't take upstream manager reviews seriously. If we suck at managing devs, it's valuable to know what we should be improving, otherwise culture becomes negative and employee turnover becomes a problem.

    Though my hope would be that any dev we hire would be clever enough to hide their trail if they really wanted to talk shit about us publicly and not have us know who it was.
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    @trogus possibly the best answer to that question ever
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    @trogus and if they were hidden that could be cool for you to suddenly jump on them and identifying yourself without any prejudice
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