Is 'Ikea Programming' a thing?

If it isn't yet, we should make it a thing - for those people who call themselves "programmers" after copy-pasting a few lines of code from stack-overflow ( or elsewhere ) and gets it working.

And then claims, "It works right? Don't touch it."

I'm going to start using it already.

( but it wouldn't be any fun to call someone names over video conferencing. that's the fun of going to an 'office'. I guess I'm missing it now. )

PS : the long conversation screenshot is only for context, but the highlighted part should be sufficient to get what I'm talking about.

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    i love how his user image is dr nick
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    I called that researchive programming.
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    Lets find the most condescending inner circle set of terms to describe noobs to programming. Then lets spam that at every opportunity so we can retain the title of "elitist fucks".
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    I hope that Hinton is making some good money on it and not just giving it away.
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