- was having an interesting conversation with my mate
- saw a message from past crush "you still awake?"
- hanged up on bro, saying "i just heard something, will talk later"
- went back to chat with crush
- after 2 replies , she is offline.

Yepp, got played again.

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    No wonder. Being promptly available means you're not interesting.
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    @Fast-Nop damn i forgot that lesson out of excitement.
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    Next time, answer "no". She'll be so wet.
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    @rutee07 I’m gonna keep that in mind. I will reply here, if that works.
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    @dder Even a negative, but immediate answer sends the wrong signal. On the other hand, answering the next day would also have been wrong because that looks like he just had slept.

    The point is to confirm having seen her request, but having other things going on that are more important than her.

    So like, some hours later, but still in the same night: "Yeah having a good time, what's up?".
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