Why me. Why is it always me who has issues with Windows. (The OS)

I HAVE to use windows for a specific thing right now. Fair enough, I have an old system lying around somewhere with not the best specs ever but it'll do. Windows 7, clean install.

Firstly, let's boot up! Booting goes fine, login goes well... "Installing device drivers" (keyboard and mouse combi). I connected this set a gazillion times before so no clue why windows would need to download the drivers YER AGAIN. But, fine, it works.
Let's connect a USB webcam and to to the hardware testing website to see if my setup is right!

(I mostly don't blame this part on windows)

The webcam drivers install successfully, good. Although the page says it isn't working, it displays the live cam footage well so whatever.
Installed Chrome (not chromium too badly) to see if it shows fine there but chrome doesn't detect ANY cam/mic combination at all, not even the integrated one(s).

Annoying so let's reboot and see if it works normally with all checks okay on Firefox.

Rebooted.... aaaaand the USB webcam driver installation fails. I'm weirded out since the drivers were installed BEFORE the reboot already. Firefox now does not display any can/mic.... until it does after a few reloads. Windows is still saying that the driver installation failed.

The testing webpage, however, still says its not working while I'm literally seeing my ugly smug on screen. I contact support which does a remote check and says all is good but there was probably "a glitch with Windows" while the checks are still mostly red, I take a copy of the chat log just to be sure.

Now, I kinda want to shut this system down until the time I'll need it but I'm rather afraid that Windows is going to throw driver conundrums yet again and I simply *CANNOT* have this right now. So, I'm leaving this system on until I need it, and I'll pray windows plays along well.

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    You installed sp1 update, right?
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    @shoop I don't know if my system has this beautiful 72p camera's drivers
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    Windows installs drivers each time you plug the peripheral to different usb slot.
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    If all else fails, try to install a W10 LTSC. (Don't hit me yet)

    By the way, are you using it on a physical machine or VM?
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    @shoop I never manually installed drivers (except for something entirely unrelated but those were official ones as well) on this system related to this, windows always does this automatically 😅
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    @neriald Why on earth?

    @Jilano Physical, can't use a VM for this too badly :/
    And I doubt this computer can handle windows 10 😅
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    @linuxxx That's unfortunate

    Well, someone was recently able to "run" W10 on 192MB (or close to that), so who knows! Haha
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    @linuxxx 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @Jilano they were able to run it but the swap file was 2.8gb anyways
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    If you fear a reboot, you could hibernate the system so it doesn't have to be powered.
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    @shoop devices that don’t have usb serial number(most of them) gets new id assigned for each usb socket. Therefore it installs the drivers again when you change the usb socket.
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    Steelseries siberia 150
    Steelseries sensei wireless mouse
    Random Fujitsu mouse
    Random chinese mouse keyboard handheld device
    Chinese NES controllers
    Platronics headset

    None of these devices I own have the serial number.
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    @shoop is correct as they HAVE TO have a company ID and Product ID. Otherwise windows will treat it as a device being charged.
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    So you are using a 11 years old system and complaining about it not working properly?
    Excuse me but what the fuck are we talking about?
    You know that on the most recent release of your beloved linux it is impossible to properly install an NVidia TI 2080 I brought yesterday, right?
    (and btw yes, I know the little story about torvalds not going along with nvidia)
    Indeed Windows sucks, but it sure does not compete to a linux fanboy to state that
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    @Manjia I have no clue how old this system is but the OS is a clean install so it shouldn't have any issues (it seems to have official windows support as well), or am I crazy?

    I also think I clarified that these where soft issues, not hard ones..
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    @linuxxx Sorry to dig out, but I juste wanted to warn you that W7 has reached EOL a good couple of months ago, so don't store anything important on it, and don't expect any help from Microsoft support regarding these issues.
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    @pipe Yeah I know. One of the biggest issues I have with windows sometimes (and I'll rant about this at some point) is that when an application crashes, there's no way to "hard force" it to quit (like with xkill on Linux for example).
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    @linuxxx With task manager (ctrl-shift-esc if I remember correctly), you can end task.
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    @pipe I've had it many times that this doesn't work so I'm kinda sceptical about this 😅
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    @linuxxx Weird. I dont use Windows on a daily basis, but everytime I was stuck, it did it. Still another windows quirk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Maybe there's a CLI way but it's getting more complicated for such a simple feature.
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    @linuxxx yeah process tab usually fails to kill process but if you go to details tab and kill from there it always works(at least I didn’t have an occasion that it didn’t).
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    @pipe there is KILL using the PID

    Also you can sudo killing the proc via launching a taskmgr inside taskmgr with admin previeleges.
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