Remember the time when eating good, exercising, and staying healthy was a positive thing? Well, say goodbye to that.

If your abs are showing, you're not eating enough.

If you can walk for a few minutes without fainting, you're too hard on yourself.

If you're not downing 9 types of medications due to bad health, you're not living life to the fullest.

If you have hobbies that don't revolve around the screen, you're a fucking boomer.

If you have a social life, you're not edgy enough.

If you don't have an unhealthy cult-like obsession with a programming language or tool, you can't hang that fucking "Stay hungry, stay foolish" quote in your living room. You hear that, bitch?! You only get to hang "Eat, pray, love"!


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    Your posts are really growing on me dude. Agreed 100%. There's definitely a tangible mindset that being healthy is now something that actually causes other people discomfort. I'm still trying to get my head around how people living happily and healthily is a problem for some people.

    I'm just waiting for the inevitable day when we start to exclude people based on them not having any/enough tattoos.
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    @pythonInRelay Well, it does take time. Most of my posts are dumb or offensive with a select few making some sense.

    I just hate how it's no longer enough to accept people for being different. Somehow these "underdogs" have to be put into a pedestal, idolized, and an entirely new generation would follow their path. A generation whose average lifespan is 30 years.
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    If you care about what people say you’re an idiot.
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    @vane You know I only care about you.. ❤
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    @sweetnothings I agree with you on people's obsession with success. I don't find that healthy either but I'm talking about people who are in terrible health who shame people for being in good health. An example is someone who is morbidly obese telling someone who is in healthy weight and have control over their caloric intake that they are doing things wrong.

    Same for programming, people who shame others for using a tool for a specific task. Somehow you have to be devoted to a specific language even when it's not the right tool for the job.
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    I just joined the evil electric bike cult. Now I can be the cools while I pancake pedestrians on teh sidewalk. :B
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    @sweetnothings I get that it's a way of getting justice for being body shamed all the time but I don't understand how they justify this behavior with themselves. You would think being bullied would make them more empathetic towards others but instead they just get their revenge, not from their bullies, but from random people who did nothing to them. :/
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    @SortOfTested Is it like the Jew flattening machine on Family Guy?
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    Similar, but legal!
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    @sweetnothings Truthy fruity. 🍇
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    @SortOfTested *takes down my Indiegogo page*

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    "Subtle art of not giving a fuck" check this book out. It talks about this same shit. It's an anti motivational book. Must read
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    People who piss on about how amazing their life is or how perfect their routine is, are secretly miserable and they just want someone to hug them and say "there there everything will be all right".
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    @sarcasm-fairy I agree. Maybe they're subconsciously trying to convince themselves, not others.
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    @sweetnothings I agree that the pressure is definitely at an all time high and so is the adoptance rate but holy shit is the rate of criticism equally high.
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    @rutee07 they just want someone to Pat them on their head and go "good booy !!!". Because that used to happen when they we're kids now it doesn't. This is a ruined generation of space monkeys.
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    @sweetnothings @sarcasm-fairy

    Yes buy did the monkeys choose to be sent to space?

    When did we get to choose between being a monkey or becoming a *space monkey*?

    Also what about all of us who just really wanted to be *seamonkies*?
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    How the fuck is this garbage related to software development
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