Lost my main job due to corona. All I have left now is my few personal gaming projects which generate decent money (usually around 2k euro a month but during corona jumped 3x 4x). I am trying my best to take care of my projects now because its all whats left. Last 2 weeks spent applying for jobs and did really well in 2 of them however didnt received an offer because they cancelled recruitment proccess all together. Meanwhile my gf lost her job and spends most of time in home. While Im trying to cashout as much as I can from my projects so that we could have a better future, she started nagging me about how I work too much and seems depressed. Srsly this fcking pandemic is killing me. Working from home is already hard enough, but being stuck in home with no opportunity to have time for myself while Im the only grown up is fucking killing me. Fuck off everyone Im tired of your needs, I have my own needs as well. If Im telling you that I need a couple weeks to finish my projects then fuck off leave me in peace. 2 weeks wont change shit but at least I would be able to make money for our house women. Stop being needy and start being fucking supportive or this will not going to work out.

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    I never understood partners like this. When I was with my ex, I never disturb him when he's working but he does it to me all the time as if my work mean less than his. It's especially annoying when you're trying to debug something. It's like you're haflway through a maze then someone just lifted you up and dragged you back to the beginning. I fucking hate it.
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    did you show her what you are working on? And did you have a decent talk? I hope you understand she needs some support and it could be that she thinks you hide behind your work to avoid to soothe her pain of the job loss. So maybe schedule some time for you both per day. Suprise her by cooking something nice for supper? But most importantly have a talk, ranting on devRant about her is not fair and iloyal against your parter. I wish you best of luck with your love and your project and future. 💛
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    Have a talk to your girl dude and set some boundaries. If you guys can't survive isolation then it's probably a sign of things to come. My partner just landed a job at a triple A studio so people are hiring, but it depends on a lot of factors. If you're making 3-4k a month in Lithuania, you should be living like kings and if your gf is really being that immature and can't see that you're working to maintain your quality of life, then she should stfu.
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    @heyheni W-T-F??? Dude works his ass off because she's jobless anyway, and then HE has to take care and cook shit ON TOP OF HIS WORK?

    If anything, SHE ought to show appreciation that he keeps their asses afloat, and SHE ought to cook something nice.

    Your idea has that totally backwards, and all it will do is nurturing a struggling GF into a full-blown entitled bitch.
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    @Fast-Nop you and @heyheni both got your points. It all depends on the reasons behind OP's gf being a PITA. I don't know if there's enough context for me to grab my pitchfork, but I think he's said enough to illustrate that she's being insubordinate, so I'd reel her in at this stage before it escalates.
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    Main problem here is that Im overworked and stressed, emotionally unavailable most of the time. I know that Im not perfect also, got here just to let off some steam, not looking for solutions.
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    @Fast-Nop easy... not that your not right but he does have a point.

    @zemaitis She's probably not used to having so much time on her hands and on top of that with you losing your main job, she's probably under the impression that you should have some more free time as well.

    Men and women tend to deal with crisis differently. Not always of course, but generally women tend to focus on "what's important" like making up time with friends and family whereas men will focus on trying to make up for the monetary loss, often putting emotions completely to the side til they've succeeded.

    These two things will conflict with each other if your not careful. On the one hand she's trying to spend more time with you that she thinks you should have, on the other your trying to use that extra time to work on side jobs that you usually don't have to make so much time for.
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    Sit down and have a talk with her, make sure she understands that your not just avoiding her, maybe even show her how the extra time is increasing your revenue from the side projects. Also make sure your keeping track of the time your on the computer, we all know how easy it is to lose yourself for ten hours straight. Try to take a break ever so often and go see what she's up to.

    Hopefully then her insecurities will ease and she'll stop coming up with reasons to interrupt you while your working. If not then maybe y'all have deeper issues and the wfh situation is just finally bringing them to light.
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    @zemaitis all good mate, not much solution stuff being thrown around here imo. Lots pass through here so some like to drop advice for future viewers. Either way, hope things ease up a bit for you soon.
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    I hope things ease up on you soon as well man. This situation is hard and it is facing people with things that they did not anticipate. Stress and anxiety have a way of fucking up the way people normally act towards one another and I seriously hope you see some light soon.
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    I feel you. You're a man and you need to provide. You are doing good job
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    @M1sf3t iirc, you're saying making up time with friends and family is more important than earning money in order to keep your apartment, pay your bills and pay for food.

    ik what you mean, but putting it in this way makes it look like some woman tend to be homeless on purpose as they want to hang out with their (at this point probably annoyed) friends and family.
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    @PublicByte yea that probably wasn't the best way to word that. In your typical relationship you've got one person more focused on the first and the other focused on the second. To what extremes each will go will vary from couple to couple and situation to situation, but yea there are some people that will legitimately fall apart if not for their partner.

    Either their home will become a wreck and they'll distance themselves from everyone they know or they'll spend all their time at home or at friends and their financial stability will crumble out from underneath them.
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    I've had similar problems with family. I tell them "if you like having food and the rent being paid on time then STFU"
    If some social distancing doesn't work then maybe in the future you should consider house cats instead of house women.. they're assholes too but cuter.
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    Man thats fucked up. Given the situation all you should be hearing from her should be “agagaggagaggaggh” and “would you like a sandwich?”
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