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    @Wisecrack, is that you?
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    @Root No, but I wish I'd thought of this.
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    x² and √x aren't inverse operations, because for every x=y² there are two potential y-s, and √x is defined to be the positive one. You can't just take the square root of both sides, first you have to assert that neither can be negative.
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    The result of sqrt(x^2) isn't x, but it's |x|.

    My calculus teacher kept repeating it all the time.

    Wolfram Alpha proof:

    So sqrt((-1)^2) equals to |-1|, which is 1
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    Let me put it more succinctly:
    Baldi is coming for you.
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    @Root can hear the ruler smacking
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    I was going to make a JavaScript joke, but since some people are taking this seriously I'll just quietly back out of the comments now...
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