Bloddy amazing. Libffi got updated and my shit fully broke.
Laptop froze.
Tried restart. Laptop was dead. Resurrected it. And now GUI breaks. Fuck this fucking piece of shit day. Fuck this. Good night.

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    When the bleeding edge throws you over it 😂

    Good night cliff hanger!
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    That's what you get for running avalanche release.
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    *laughs in Debian*
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    (sudo apt -)F
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    @Root laughs in debian in canon.
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    Actually this isn't bleeding edge issue my friends. I must have forgot to update something.
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    Btw by dead pappy I mean dead. MB was dead. Good thing I had the resistors at hand. Because otherwise I would be fucked.
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    How badly do you have to fuck up to physically kill a motherboard with a software update?

    Don't do Arch kids.
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    @endor the hardware didn't break due to software update ffs. Jesus fucking Christ. How can you even say such a bullshit ? Think about what you said.
    The hardware broke due to a known issue of Acer. Black screen of death. Keyboard is on but it doesn't turn on properly. I fixed it by resoldering a resistor.
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    @Haxk20 issa joke
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