The many purveyors and developers of surveillance capitalism have inspired me to start wearing a ski mask 100% of the time at home, at work, and on the town.

This is a great idea, change my mind.

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    wear a luchador mask.
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    glasses and no contacts seems like an uncomfortable combination
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    For that to work, many people have to do the same. Else you'll be (very) easily identifiable.
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    While you can get away with it, wear a full on gas mask.
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    Hold my coffee...

    P.s.: had to make a sacrifice, shaved my 10 year groomed beard for being able to tighgrly fit the mask.
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    Ski masks go well with chain saws.
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    Sounds like a pretty good way to get yourself shot 🤔
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    Gas mask.
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    @M1sf3t not in belgium, unless you live in Anderlecht right now. But i dress up when i go outside and have the look of a distinguished 'not to be fucked with' 1930's mobster,

    What you see is my clothing indoors. Then i don't need to be mr businessman.
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