I been looking at the job listing at my country and I can only found the job for web.
What happen to the quality desktop application development?

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    You can still do games i guess
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    I am not interested in games.

    Another strange thing is that every java job listing have Spring as requirements.
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    who needs desktop applications when we’ve got WebAssembly which allows to run anything in the web browser?

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    Desktop apps are being replaced by web apps. For most things, I think rightly so.
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    @mr-user guess the market is becoming smaller and smaller for java desktop apps
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    I know C#,Java,C++,android development very well and like most developer I also know php,javascript,html,css,python,and other common language. I also have basic knowledge of streaming system (kafaka , storm,--etc).

    Do you think I should invest more in java script (more than just "I know javascript") for the job demand?
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    Is web assembly stable? I am planning on learning web assembly since I heard you could use native control into web environment.
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    I’m not the best person to ask but heres my 2c: the market is flooded with devs and it’s only getting worse year by year. Maybe you could evaluate diversifying a bit perhaps in an adjacent discipline such as Electrical engineering/IoT, you can’t miss that much on the software scene...
    I’m looking at wasm too but decided not to touch it yet part because of the novelty factor and still having viable alternatives.
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    webassembly and rust are a winning team

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    WASM isn't novelty anymore.
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    How do you conclude that web assembly and rust are winning team?
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    @mr-user they kind of are the same team... being heavily baked by Mozzila
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    Does your app use a lot of logic with highly-specific & optimised libraries? Does it involve large amounts of data? Is it desired for your app to use the hardware to its fullest? Does your app communicate with dedicated external devices? Does your app need to manage specific background processes (other than listening for notifications) even when nobody's using it?

    There's probably less than 1 in 10 apps that require some of these thing, and even those are mostly aimed at more professional use (IDEs, image & video editing tools, measuring equipment, ...) - or they're known as games.

    For the rest you just want to deliver something people can use directly, no matter where they are, with automatic updates and familiar UX that doesn't require external libraries or depend on underlying hardware more than it should.
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    @mr-user because rust and wasm was designed from the ground up by mozilla to work toghether. If you search devrant for rust you will find that everyone who tries it loves rust.
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    I am sure that rust is a good language but it is the "dead language" for me along with C/C++.

    By dead language I don't mean that the language is not good or it is outdated, I just mean that the language is not used in my country.

    C/C++ programmer are rare in my country due to

    1) University don't teach C/C++

    2) Workplace don't hire C/C++ developer

    There are rarely C/C++ based application in my county (almost none) and I can only think of 2 C/C++ application in my country.
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    @mr-user where you at
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    Developing South East Asia country. Do you need me to be more specific?
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    And every company want the "whole IT department"

    The job description of only reasonable company is

    -High proficiency in Android development (JAVA)

    -Strong understanding of OOP

    -Strong understanding of data structures

    -Strong understanding of Design Patterns and Anti Patterns

    -Practical knowledge of git

    -Good analytical skills and communication skills

    -Follow “No code without test cases”

    -Minimum 2 years of Android development with Java

    -Minimum 1 years of Android development with Kotlin

    I like their "No code without test cases" description.
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    @mr-user naw that’s ok, was asking because the key here is to work at your place where shit is cheap but get paid western world wages, and for that to work you may want/have to learn some shit you don’t normally use in your country in order to indulge the average stiff ass uber cto wannabe.
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    This is my options

    1) Learn some new basic skill (brush up my javascript) to fit into my country market

    2) Learn more advance skill and hope for the western country to hire me.
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    @mr-user one good thing out of this corona situation is that companies adopting to remote working. And the economic crisis will make companies more susceptible for cheaper options. The minimum wage in Germany for example is 9.35€ per hour or 1557€ per month. (That’s what hairdressers earn)
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    I don't know much about Europe economy.

    Is 1557€ per month enough to live per month?

    From where I live, you can live middle class life style (if you don't over spend) with 643€ per month.Some people have live with 450€ per month.

    Most companies cannot pay the minimum wage set by the country. To compensate for that the company provide free lunch or provide transportation for you (from and to workplace)

    Fun fact : My country have the cheapest electrical bill. In fact the government lose money just by providing electricity to the citizen.
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    That depends, in london for instance you can barely rent a studio for 1.5k but at the same time there should be more opportunity for higher roi. Or so they say...but that’s another story.
    I think if you like what you do and get really good at it you should be fine. Just choose wisely, don’t rush and don’t fall into whatever overhyped garbage is on the front page these days. This shit comes and goes.
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    Btw, Microsoft is rewriting parts of windows using Rust.
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    @mr-user no that’s a shit salery which will make you unhappy if you live in germany. It was just an example. Entry wage for devs in germany is 32000€ a year or 2700€ a month or 4 times your middle class income where you live. A German Senior Dev starts at 52000€ / 4300€/m.
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    @heyheni don't forget to mention how much a house costs + internet, electricity, food, car and so on.
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    @molaram I'm swiss i would have to look that up. Saleries in switzerland are doubble than those in germany.
    Wage chart of switzerland 1 swiss francs (chf) = $1 usd.
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    @heyheni that's nice, thank you for posting that. It's also worth noting Switzerland is said to have a pretty high quality of life.
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    Everything sooner or later will become javascript compatible, WASM and bytecode alliance will suck everything to browser like software why ?
    - virtual desktops ( citrix etc cause 99.9% of people don’t give a shit how it works they’re just happy if it’s working )
    - maintainability
    - cloud
    - security
    - piracy
    - cost effective

    that’s roughly called digital transformation

    what’s left is
    - gaming but not for so long ( trying to move with stadia or various virtual gaming startups - piracy ) - most of AAA games got flash interfaces anyway ( autodesk scaleform )
    - some financial applications ( maybe )
    - gov shit ( they are always years back in time )
    - 3d graphics, video, photo or anything that requires physical device ( probably will stay here for a while but can be replaced by electron apps )

    To sum up we’re slowly moving to virtual world so you can run anything if you’re allowed to by corporations and govs or you will starve and die. Freedom is ending.
    Cheers 🍻
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    @vane you spelled klingonscript wrong

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    @molaram oh yes, living in the most livable city in the world is quite nice. If you looking for a escape from brexit riddled UK, Zurich is certainly worth to move to for like 1–2 years.

    Video about Zurich Switzerland
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    @heyheni don't you need some kind of work permit or some such to work there?
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    @molaram if you would move before the 31. December until the brexit transiton ends, freedom of movement applies. You can get work without restrictions. After 31.12.2020 it get's more complicated.

    Switzerland Brexit FAQ

    And swiss work permit
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    @heyheni yeah they make it sound so easy...when in fact it's a pile of bureaucratic garbage to deal with just like everywhere else. And believe me if I had the kind of pull to just make a call and have the issue sort itself out I'd be on a fucking private island in the caribbean right now playing in the sand with my dogs, 5 wives and 27 kids.
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    @molaram you could buy residency in Thailand. :D
    5 years = $16'000
    Family = $25'000 + $10'000 per kid
    Premium 20 years = $32000 includes vip treatment by the goverment.

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    @heyheni man i just love thailand but can’t figure out the language, it’s like i get brain dead or smth
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    Do you like the Thai food?

    Northern Thai food and Southern Thai food have different taste.
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    @mr-user haven’t been up north but i liked most of the food i’ve had, and its definitely better than all the junk in europe or the states. Except maybe italian and greek. And I like how fruit actually tastes like fruit and not like plastic.
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    I bet you will like South East Asia,we share similar food culture.

    Have you try out fish sauce (there are no English translation) which have pungent smell? Westerner mostly complain about the smell.
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    @mr-user might have, it smells familiar :))
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    @vane some parts of your list is confusing (or confused) but fyi... photo, video, etc could be done using the web too in a not-so-distant future.

    Combination of the next Permissions spec, Native File System spec and extras like the WebUSB spec.

    On top of WASM, you're in for a treat.

    The real issue is WebGL which lacks a lot of features from OpenGL.

    With good rendering, the next Aftet Effects could be web-based.
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    @WeAreMany video is safe, you need to at least cut parts of videos before uploading cause most of video is cut ex to produce 10 minutes clip you can even cut an hour cause you use 6 cameras, maybe if they make some machine learning compression algorithms for image sequence ( saw at least one project aiming for it )

    webgl I don’t know what is it for because game streaming platforms are basically streaming mp4 to your hardware so they just need video codec

    usb is going to be obsolete like 3.5mm jack I think cause of ex airplay, bluetooth, wifi or other not cable related technologies like inductive charging

    filesystem there is already requestFileSystem in chrome for sandbox

    basically there will be more and more watchers, trackers, automated shit less and less windows to configure something that’s the long term trend, it started with automatic updates

    It won’t happen tomorrow or in next 5-10 years but it will happen eventually.

    I remember saying to my coworker 10 years ago that we need something to watch video without cables and he called me stupid, now we have chromecast.

    So you can call me stupid and read my post in 10 years and write fuck you.

    5G is underway it will change couple of things like ex. latency.
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    The desktop application market will never die. How would servers work if they didn't have local applications to serve. Stadia is a server hosting a desktop app. And building a full fledged AAA title in web is not going to happen because no web stuff I have seen handles graphics cards. Local calculation still is needed at companies some of that stuff is best not web active because it might be sensitive. With vr moving in good luck making that web without local hardware and calculation without making people sick. Ya the web is great but with out servers running desktop local applications the entire internet would dispear over night. If people don't continue to learn and improve this stuff. The internet will stagnate. Or worse start to fail.
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    @skprog Lol what are you talking about? Server apps are nothing like desktop apps, no desktop app is meant to be accessible publicly or handle hundreds of requests (external tasks) simultaneously. UI for server apps doesn't matter either, since it's only used for configuration (if there even is one) while the target audience interacts through a web browser. And server applications are made to run across distributed systems to ensure high availability, not to be installed on a system you as a developer have little control over.

    Also WebGL exists for almost 10 years now for the exact purpose of using graphic cards from your browsers, Unreal engine & Unity (among many) provide excellent support for developing games (and there's plenty of), the only limiting factor being the size of assets one needs to download to play it.
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