Writing software is fun but:
-most of it doesn’t work
-most engineers are dumb and lazy
-nobody tests anything no matter how many lives are at stake
-people will actually fight you to try to make you test less or not at all if you try to test anything
-if your stuff doesn’t work people will ask if you tested it
-if other people write tests their tests will be wrong or trigger undefined behavior
-decisions are made from the top down and are not based on technical merit
-your salary will be linearly proportional to your age rather than talent
-if you want to make the big bucks you will have to work for a company with no morals
-that said most software companies do not have morals and all have played their part in the proliferation of surveillance terrorism
-if undefined in behavior in peoples code causes bugs they will invariably claim they have found a compiler bug in a language they are not qualified to author in
-almost nobody bothers to understand how their system works even one layer beneath the one they work at
-nobody cares if they are being taken advantage of as long as they can’t see it happening
-everyone in the world that sells software will switch to a subscription model by 2100 to squeeze every last drop of cash out of the working class
-if you work on machine learning or data science you will be directly responsible decades of racial profiling and revoked freedoms to come, likely never to vanish
-you are signing up for 30 years of people over simplifying complex problems and over complicating very simple problems, assuming you can make it that long and don’t crack and end up in an institution
-the entire industry thinks tech is the answer when most of the time it is the problem.
-most software ever written triggers undefined behavior and we made it this far because processors were simple enough that their IMPLEMENTATION of the architecture did the expected thing (or something close enough). That is now falling apart at the seams as we try to do anything less obvious with our architectural models and most people are not smart enough to do the right thing in these architectures.
-you will be smart and solve hard problems and yet webex and email will hold you back. Problems that have been solved since 1979 or earlier.
-Office politics will also hold you back and give you grey hair
-people you work with will not be rational and will act on jealousy or out of an inferiority complex to block your progress, no logical reason whatsoever.
-people will want to change tools and environments “just because” and if you don’t validate their baseless decision they will refuse to grant evidence as to why that’s necessary or even beneficial and will most likely never speak to you again.
-customers are politics and politics is everything
-exceptions aren’t made for exceptional people or circumstances

After 30-40 years of this you will have no doubt accomplished great things, none of them will any longer be in production, and they will have advanced the surveillance terrorism envelope. Congratulations.

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    That's it, I am going back to the military. At least blowing shit up there was fun.
    On a side note, this was a great rant and so very fucking true on every point.
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    this is good shit
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    After reading that I just want to curl into a ball on my bed.
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    @iamai hey, that’s what I do every day. Then I scream non-stop for all five hours of sleep as I have nightmare after nightmare about the fires burning in the distance
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    Hold up, if it triggers undefined behaviour, this means you got a potential bug there, congratulate the UT writer.
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    @melezorus34 I don’t get it. Triggering undefined behavior means the behavior of the *language* becomes undefined. That means your code is wrong, and that is a bug.
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    No user in the history of devRant has ever authored a truer post.
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    this is really good
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    in reply to your point
    "-almost nobody bothers to understand how their system works even one layer beneath the one they work at"

    i can say the following:
    at least your system has layers
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    @devnulli Yeah, hundreds of layers of abstraction, each one rife with flaws and inefficiencies, making the entire resulting pile of shit barely functional. Great thing, that. Thank fucking god it's comprised of multiple layers of shit.
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    I strongly disagree with the political stuff but like the majority of the rest of this rant.
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    "surveillance terrorism "

    Excellent phrase, stealing it.

    My other favorite is "terror hobos."

    We had to send predator drones to bomb terrorhobos *hand crafting* weapons of *mass* destruction and plotting world domination while literally sleeping and *shitting*..in cave... 10,000 fucking miles away, surrounded by nothing by rocks, sand, and venomous scorpions.

    Terrorhobo checklist:

    * has a big unwashed beard, just like a hobo

    * wears loose clothing and sandals, just like some hobos

    * wears a towel on their head like a crazy hobo

    * sometimes rants about following god or being god, like a hobo

    * filled with murderous rage, like some hobos

    * may own improvised weapons

    * sleeps in the rough

    * may be plotting world domination

    * may or may not have relations with animals

    * hates the federal government of the u.s.

    * utterly dependent on federal $$$ for continued existence

    Things terrorhobos and hobos DONT have in common:

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    I agree with everything except the dumb part. Engineers aren't dumb, but they are lazy. Laziness looks like stupidity but it isn't the same thing. If engineers were idiots we'd all be dead, but if they weren't lazy we'd have colonised other planets by now.
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    @pythonInRelay and they're lazy only because they're underpaid and their bosses are moronic fuckheads?
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    @molaram pretty much. Being ordered around by people who don't know half what you know is definitely a handicap.
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    @pythonInRelay just wanna point out you make it sound as if it was an ego problem...they don't necessarily need to know what devs know, but do need to know their own shit very well.
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    @devnulli I laughed :P I do binary translations and compilers, and I work for an soc shop. Verilog crawls are a pretty regular thing for me. I make it a point to understand every layer and thats why it drives me bonkers when others don’t

    Unfortunately that means I also see the trash at every layer that @Root described
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    @pythonInRelay why don’t you believe most engineers are dumb? Have you ever read any firmware source code? Sometimes I wonder how these mongrels even function day to day after looking at the shit they do. So much illegal c out there and the people writing it have no clue. Why do you think software sucks so much?
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    This is a brilliant rant... and depressingly accurate too.
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    This is the philosophy of a developer - said with condemnation. Kudos.
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    That's some high-SNR ranting. The Swaggins delivers.
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    @pythonInRelay that's true 😂
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    True, the world is run by goons
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    @tuktuk true that programmers aren't dumb. Do you mean you are ? World run by goons ?
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    I am having now a very different experience of the industry after having had a very shitty experience of the industry prior to carefully choosing my next employer.

    In addition I am wary of any person who throws around phrases. Because anybody can always project their own shit onto them.

    To me this is very much a "meh" post, full of phrases and generalizations.
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    @Maer K

    FYI I love my job
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    @Maer which said phrases and generalizations exist predominantly in this industry in very much different ways than others to the point in which someone built an app dedicated solely to the point in which people can come together and complain about it. 'magine that.
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    @FrodoSwaggins You need to find a new job dude
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    @MrMarco this is a rant about 25 years in the industry. These problems happen to everyone. If you don’t notice them there’s a 50% chance you are part of the problem. It doesn’t mean I hate my current job.
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    @AleCx04 Read your post thrice - still got no idea what your intended message was, other than meta-complaining about a complaining- app I suppose?

    Idk. As for the opening post - it's just very easy to hit base with dramatic open to interpretation statements.

    But w/e. Half of the content on this thing is dev stuff, the other half devolved into complete garbage by now anyway.
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    A’ight imma head out of tech xD

    Jokes apart, this is incredible. I agree with @Root in that this is probably the truest rant I’ve come across.

    Favourited for future reference and as POC to family in the event I do actually switch career tracks/verticals.
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    Good rant would ++ again
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