People who complain about JavaScript have no idea how good they have it...

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    Looks perfectly natural to me, why would you use multiply on a pointer type anyway? It would jump out as dodgy code immediately.
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    @RememberMe same thing with the bastards that complain about JavaScript

    Have you ever noticed that people generally don't complain about well-written code? It's all about how they wrote some fucked up shit and then complained about some edge case in the design of the language.

    This just reminded me of all those "JavaScript is totally wacky!!!!!!!" posts.
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    C++ certainly is one of the languages containing the most bear traps for coders to step in.
    But JavaScript definitely has its share of traps too - just look at the implicit type mangling for some really nasty ones.
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    This is parsed as initialization and it fails because
    1. GuiLayer doesn't have a member called Iterator
    2. The constructor for GuiLayer::Iterator class isn't defined.
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