Starting Out In Web Development (again)

The Question

I am looking for some suggestions on tools or frameworks to look into for a hobby project I wanted to try. I have always felt that _time_ is quite interesting so I was going to knock something up to present the current time in a lot of formats (All the ISOs I can find, GPS Time, Week Numbers, Mian Calendars, Metric Time, etc).

My Background

It has been a while since I did anything much with website related bits. Long ago I wrote HTML (4 or XHTML I think) out but hand for simple things. I added a little JavaScript to do a rollover image substitution. At some point I also did some JavaServerPages (JSP).

In the non-web world;
* I am quite good at C & C+
* I am OK with Go, Python, Ruby, BASH
* I can cobble together JavaScript, Java, JSP and a bunch of other things but I will be a bit slow and doing a lot of "online research" to aid me.


Any suggestions are very welcome. Also if you know of similar existing sites I would be interested to see how others have chosen to present things.

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