Outlook just thinks it's smart by removing "extra linebreaks".
It's not like we had a special thought in mind as we formatted the plaintext mail as we did.
There is certainly no reason why we choose to break after exactly that word.
Outlook is much smarter than us, so we should be grateful for its insight. NOT.

And now we have to instruct customers to click the correct banner to display the linebreaks as they were sent.

And HTML is not an option in this use case.

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    It was a security thing from the bad old days I think.

    Render some html or include some.text wwaaaaaayyyyyy done the page that no one will bother to scroll to be as damaging. Stripping out extra line breaks made that stuff visible so that the user could take action.

    Think like an old MySpace profile but inside an email in terms of length (although that reference is probably too old for many).
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    @TafT The thing is, it only does that for content-type `text/plain` so including malicious HTML is impossible.

    What would the damage done by some plain text really far down be?
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    @DBX12 Well I do not know.

    Just a quick catch up to our recent conversations with regards to your order.
    We can only make it in Two shipments instead of one. Respond if you are happy to proceed under the terms discussed.

    {This was a long block of blank lines but guess what DevRant does with them!}

    You have 2 business days to reply or we will charge you $1,000,000,000 in late fees. Also this contract is governed by the state of whatever I agree to. And the price is going up 200% so there.
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    @DBX12 Oh and then there is the fun that Outlook Top posts so I can easily write extra text conversations into an email chain. True the addition of while lines won't do much to change that.

    It probably is mostly some odd styling idea. Maybe to make Windows, Mac and UNIX systems all generation similar looking results when you get just a \r\n or a \r
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    Ok :D

    Given that a contract amendment via E-Mail is considered legal , then this is a legit use case
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