Hidden services are extremely cool.

Not having to pay for the "domain" is also really nice.

Now to generate a nice vanity URL...

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    ahahahahahah good luck with that
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    With I2P (Invisible Internet Project) you can choose your own .i2p domain, instead of TORs way of brute forcing .onion domains ;)
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    @molaram I got one starting with privateg within like ten seconds.
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    @systemctl Far less people have any idea how i2p works though ;)
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    thanks man, didn't know that shit exists

    wondering why people don't start using something like that
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    @molaram Because they may accidentally sell their ass in slavery for a bunch of crackers?

    It's like that part of town where police doesn't go, sure you can smoke a bunch of weed and get some hookers there, but if shit goes down you better have some tough friends cause govt won't protect you there. Unless you do, it's better to stay in the nice suburbs...
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    @hitko government don’t protect you anyway hoss just try to fuck whoever is fucking you so they can take their shit.
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    @molaram They at least protect you in the sense that e.g. potentially harmful stuff is labelled, or that the store owner can't just take your money and tell you to fuck off. As for other ways govt is supposed to protect you...
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    the store owner can take the money and tell you to fuck off except they may get a fine, that's not protecting you thats punishing them. and look how many businesses actually do that and get away with it.

    As for labeling dangerous stuff... dunno about you but I'd say we'll all have a lot less problems if we just removed safety labels from shit and let all idiots kill themselves.
    In fact maybe that's the actual reason gov "help" on this one: so the morons can live and pay tax.

    any questions?
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    The end result is kinda the same, it creates a nice and safe environment to live in compared to places where no such regulations exist and where it matters more who you walk around with.
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