I don't understand why you keep pushing me into your team. You have literally moved issues to the next sprint just so they would welcome me when I come back. I already pushed the code, what else do you want? Do I remind you of your mother? Did she not love you and now you're seeking affection from me or some fucked up shit I don't understand?

You want me to do all these and the whole time, your jerk ass developer does nothing but insult me.

"Why don't you know that this code is in this repository in this other branch?" (Multiple repos, different branches, and the most updated one is never in anywhere that makes sense.)

"Your code is inefficient. We have helpers for this part and you did not use it." (Literally no docs or comments plus blank readme file.)

"We had to refactor your code big time because you weren't following our standards." (What standards?)

Like what the fuck? I'm not a part of your team and no one briefed me as to where all this shit is. Somehow I'm supposed to just know? It's a fucking miracle that I even finished anything. Your dev can't even setup the local environment himself, I did, and that's probably the only reason you want me to do this.

What is your point, man? If it would be more efficient for your team to do it and your developer is complaining about how he has to do it himself anyway, why don't you just leave me alone to my own team? What the fuck do you want? I seriously cannot understand. It's like you're living just to stress me the fuck out. Do you want me to quit? Is that what you really want? Jesus Christ. I've never met people more unreasonable than you.

Fuck you. I hate you.

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    I asked my manager what time he's available to talk. I expressed my concerns before and nothing was done about it. I'm just gonna be honest that this type of bullshit is affecting my health and I will quit.
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    I say you just nuke the fuckers. Timed fork bombs all over prod scripting, nasty but hard to ca tch bugs throughout the code.
    You'll be free from all that shit very soon.
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    He wants to 👉👌
    That's why he wants you in his team.
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    @NoMad Ew no. I want to do that with the boss I raised my concerns to, not the slug-faced sadistic client manager.
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    No response. I texted again but there was no response. I'll try calling tomorrow morning. Also, I just realized that we have four different messaging apps at work, no wonder I'm always pissed off.

    I saw that the other boss messaged me about the team who kept borrowing me. The client boss probably complained about me not joining their stand-ups. I really cannot. I have no more patience for this. I don't want to work with them anymore.

    I called the mental hospital earlier today. I can feel it creeping in again. If things get worse, I'll just get diagnosed with something so they don't chase me for damages or some shit. My sleep cycle is fucked again due to extreme stress. I gotta quit tomorrow. I hope he answers.
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    "get diagnosed with something" *covid smirks*
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    @rutee07 when do you finish work? What time, I mean. Let's play cards against humanity when you're done.

    What's your discord handle?
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    ^ can delete, if you like
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    Had a call with two managers today. Looks like the developer from the other team also complained about me not responding to his reviews immediately. I told them that this is why I need to focus on one team because I work on two different ones and have workloads from both. It's impossible for me to do everything at once.
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