Gotta love it when your untouched code worked just hours ago locally and now you have no idea why everything breaks, what has gone wrong and how to fix it ... but it's stable remotely on dev/test/live. Project runs on localhost + vpn on company servers. I can dynamically change the parts that shall be compiled locally and the rest will be loaded from the company servers.
Fucking great.

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    Yeah, I had a build script that started being screwy and just not doing anything. Had to run qmake on it to "fix" it. Though seconds before it ran fine. NFC why it did that.
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    If it uses a network, a whole bunch of things could break without you knowing it.

    Routing, DNS, DNS Caching, DNS Resolve, VPN DNS Options, VPN Block Outside DNS, Timeouts, TTLs

    And now I better stop.
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    @IntrusionCM tell me more about that "network" thing you're talking about, I'm curious. What does that do? Is this new?🤔😄
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    @cb219 depends on perspective.

    How old are you?

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    @IntrusionCM 23, finishing my CS bachelor degree, had 1 semester on networking, but was more an overview of what the internet protocols are and how they work approximately. DNS and the routing algos were briefly explained.
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    @cb219 seriously, I meant with network everything going on local and external (eg via INet/VPN).

    Since you didn't mention what your Project consists of and how it is build.

    And most of the time resolving "unexplainable" build breaks is hard... But depending on what language / build system and so on a very good learning experience.

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