So I've been shadowing behind mathematics a lot, practicing neural networks and exploring different architectures. However I realized that without being able to deploy them, it was going to do nothing sitting on the loclahost :)

And from there I learn the basics of flask
Then the basics of backend
Then my friend suggested and I delved into Node.Js and found it quite nice.

The issue is
I know I don't like HTML and CSS at all.
NO logical programming just the use of div to create aesthetic websites and I HATE it.

But I would also like to try the front end part of developing a website (or an app, who knows?) and I feel I can't find any options here.

What could I possibly do to move forward from this trench that engulfs me.

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    Frontend dev friends who teach you in person to overcome your entrenched visual mental model that code is only instructions for a computer that no user eyes will ever see.
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    I know it's a rant but maybe you could get more specific on what your problem is and we may be able to help you better :)

    Are you looking for a language or framework that you can use to generate components without having to write HTML and CSS yourself? JS being "logical" enough for your taste?

    There are a lot of things out there that can let you write more structured code, e.g. CSS preprocessors like sass or less. There are also frontend component libraries that can e.g. compile java code into JS - which may work better for some people­čśů

    I personally like fiddling around with HTML and CSS because my brain can work in a different way. It's more like trying out things until you're visually satisfied (and you will naturally have more breaks because eyes)! :D
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    I'm looking for to make the repetitive and sometimes complex structure in HTML go away.
    A framework which abstracts the task of generating HTML CSS for me sounds wonderful!
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    @sinodip elm language is a Haskell like language that compiles into HTML CSS JavaScript.
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