So related to my very first rant, after two months on the new job, I got the whole team together (including my boss) and taught them how version controlling works!

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    Did you use any comparison metaphors? I always say it's a very advanced type of "Track changes" like in MS Word
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    I started off from writing a single line in notepad. "This is my first line of code"... stage... commit... didnt use any fancy words... didnt wanna scare them!
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    You would hope this was dead already... Given that you can version control even without server nowadays there's no excuse for a developer not to version control their code...
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    Wow that is frightening...
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    @meros exactly! And i was merely showing them version controlling locally is VS2019! Havent even talked about GitHub etc yet. Again, didnt wanna freak the team out.
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    Wait they didn't know? What a bunch of gits...
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