Until recently I was wondering why my iphone always heats up for no apparent reason, this has been happening since a couple of months ago,

The battery drains really quickly as well, already replaced it 2 months ago,

It happens when charging, during usage, sometimes even when not doing anything,

Until I found out that the mail app is the one causing this, at times it kept running on the background for hours,

So I deleted the original mail app and moved to alternative email app,

Been a week without a hitch, battery life was fine, until just now suddenly my phone heats up again,

Lo and behold, recently deleted app is working on the background,

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    Lolol restart phone to complete unlinking files
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    Turn off auto fetch.
    It won't run in the background that way.

    Settings -> passwords and accounts -> fetch new data -> select account
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    @melezorus34 that did the trick, though I've already hard reset once after deleting the mail app, let's see if it doesn't happen again

    @C0D4 that's the first thing I tried, I got 3 accounts connected and all fetch set to manual, I even turned off background refresh for all apps lol
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    Are you running beta releases?
    they can have battery issues, reason I stopped using them actually.

    If not, try a full restore if you can.
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    @C0D4 nope, I've never touched beta releases, I'm actually still using 12 the first time it happened,

    I'll try a full restore if this persist
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    @aswarth everything is "happy" if you look with rainbow glasses.
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