Seriously look at this shit



When you have to justify your salary so much you're engineering a whole solution to add S when words are plurals.

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    Look at this asshole that actually asked for this feature: https://github.com/ngx-translate/...

    Really, are we taking the time to support multiple languages in web apps now? Everything should only be in English. Who cares if its unreadable or awkward in Russian or Asianese.
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    Real i18n is a bitch.
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    @Demolishun if you need internationalization, use an internationalization tools. It's not in our requirements, but now we have to use this because the lead thinks it looks cool.
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    @SortOfTested Holy hell you are not kidding: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/... Yeah, I want to figure this out on my own...
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    The previous iteration of angular i18n used an interpolation template and generation scheme more akin to traditional i18n, generated xliff. Pluralization was defined in the generated schema as a string template and was a nightmare to maintain, merge hell constantly of 15,000 lines of xml, but fully compliant.

    "Real internationalization" tools are designed to make life easy for translators, not devs. And they fucking suck.
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    @Demolishun Ha! That's great (in the horrendous sense)
    Thank you
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    When you have your head so deep up your ass, you complain that a framework offers proper tools for internationalisation... But then, all your other rants look like they come from a dumb ignorant fuck incapable of reading basic documentation, so who cares.
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    @hitko Internationalisation. Is. Not. In. Our. Requirements. But. Now. It. Take. 10. LoC. To. Add. An. S.
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    @hitko What documentation? Have you seen Angular reference? It's fucking horrendous.
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    @hitko Angular is made without any fucking consideration for developer experience. It's full of shit. It's a good thing those people are away from end-users, because they would do something using their over-engineered pre-conceptions that literally nobody would use.
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    @hitko I bet that's how you answers to your customer lmao "you dumb fuck just read the manual". Typical arrogant engineer bullshit.
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    @ostream Now if you'd fucking read the manual, you'd notice @angular/localize is a separate module you don't even have to install if you don't need it, instead of bitching how it's not in your requirements. But whatever, I guess every single person aware there are other languages besides English is overengineering things because they support translations...
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    Yeah yeah you have tree shaking anyway. It doesn't matter. The lead dev discovered this shit and now it's RecOMenDed to use it although our target population is a niche of like 10 people in america.

    What I can't stand is this culture of fucking complicating everything for no reasons.
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