Why are some defaults still so broken on Windows? Do they just not care or expect poeple will replace everything with third party stuff as the real defaults anyway?
Now through RDP connection stuff I have to spend more time on that #*?%&$§ OS and I would have expected the standard programs to work better. Here some of the stuff that really irks me:
* Groove Music sucks hard, how it doesn't let me edit playlists, but relies on its broken discovery of tracks. So I can play my old Eels songs from some subfolder in music folder, but only by manually loading each song. It never adds the songs to the list whereas the new NIN album is recognized. - It could have been nice, more of a lightweight Cessna, compared to that scary giant nineties Jumbo of media player?
* every time I use the snipping tool for a screen shot they suggest to use that screen sketch tool. I tried. Inside the RDP it was just unusable, when I tried to select the part of the screen. The selection cross wouldn't show or only too late. Unusable.
* using Internet Explorer as the default application for xml files. Sorry it's just so damn slow. And this smiley always gives me the creeps. (liveoverflow had one episode where he described his panic when he first saw an opening internet explorer: Uh, that strange face there, has it been hacked?) - but then nothing happens for a minute, I calm down, and open the file in some useful editor.

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