No offence

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    Kooomar thinks he is batman again
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    As long as I don’t have my own company, I don’t want to be a manager.
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    I always say to my boss. I'd rather die than do PM work.
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    Ultimate xD
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    Hmm as a "Department Tech Lead", I'm a bit in between, but still more on the developer side.

    In practice, I'm still a developer, although more involved in setting up architecture rules than writing features.

    I was always a bit disgruntled by the ridiculous fantasy bubbles managers live in -- the difference is that I can now tell them to go fuck themselves if they talk about "transformational strategies" or "needing bilateral synergy".

    I can now wield a noise-cancelling headset, open my laptop and raise my middle finger during a meeting without fear of being fired.

    Beyond the Purgatory of the Junior Developer and the Soulless Abyss of the Product Manager, lies the Valhalla of the Autonomous Tech Lead. 😄🤷‍♂
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