I still wonder why people go to programming classes thinking a dev is paid a lot. Not all devs are paid a lot and it takes passion and hard work to be a good dev. Don't just go there for the money. You'll regret wasting your life.

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    Here in France, a computer science engineer (so not just a 'dev', I must admit) is almost guaranteed a job (99% of employment right out of my school) and a competitive salary : average of 38k€ as first salary out of my school.
    Working in finance you can easily make 50k€. Idk how it compare to other countries, but it is more than comfortable in France
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    What country are you in? In America entry level jobs tend to be around $50k/yr and programmers are pretty in demand. I'd say that's pretty decent pay/prospects here at least
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    @Jrakkez yeah. but it's gonna be shit if you don't like and you come just for the money. i know devs are paid a lot but i saw people saying that they aren't paid much.
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    Oh yeah, I think any job you work at just for the money would be suckish. I really like programming and do it for fun, personally.
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