Reasons not to use gRPC?

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    tf is that
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    Protocol Buffer doesn’t have a list type but does have “repeated”. Thrift does have lists. Arvo is something completely different.

    My knowledge is only by reading, I haven’t built anything with them. https://learning.oreilly.com/librar...
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    The only issue you might run into is if you want to integrate with external systems.

    gRPC is fairly new in the grand scheme of SOAP and REST and so if you need to work with other businesses you might shoehorn yourself if you're not careful.

    My advice is to have a layer of abstraction between your transport layer and your endpoints to allow you to switch out a gRPC and REST transport layer.
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    @Darkovernerd Thanks, useful info! It'll only be used infernally, but I've been thinking of separating the transport layer. Still interesting to hear what people have to say
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    @ScriptCoded what language do you write in bro?
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    @Darkovernerd IPC between Go and Node
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    @ScriptCoded if you haven't already checkout go-kit, it's got really good separation of transport layer
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