Got my Minecraft server running inside Docker to properly stream logs through Go to this shitty web interface. Fucking hell I didn't think this would be so fucking complicated!

Edit: Forgot the image :)

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    I commend you for using docker and I'll mentally support you on your journey
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    @alexbrooklyn Docker sure makes things good load easier (and harder)
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    Doesn't the minecraft server jar have an interface with logs already?
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    @shoop afaik you have to enable RCon (Remote Console) in config to have a connection
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    Nice, did so, too.
    Now try to couple it with the ELK :D
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    @shoop @melezorus34 Yeah you can, but it doesn't provide everything I want. It was a while ago I looked in to it, but if I recall correctly it doesn't include all output from commands.

    @nitwhiz I'm actually planning to integrate it into a sort of server manager, so that I can spin up new servers on the fly :)
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    @nitwhiz Interesting! What language are you doing stuff in?
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    @ScriptCoded typescript on nodejs, you?
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    @nitwhiz Latin on goDOS.
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    @nitwhiz Go for relaying Docker info to a TypeScript backend. I'd like to move completely to Go, but I'm still a Go beginner, so one thing at a time.

    Is interacting with Docker a smooth process with Node? Seems like it'd be a hassle.
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    @ScriptCoded depends on how clean you try to do things.
    I'm just fiddling around in the moment, so it's more or less just docker-compose being spawned by node.

    Deployment happens automatically via gitlab ci, as soon as i merge something into master of one of my projects.
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    @ScriptCoded go seems for me more sane, since since it works better in background tasks.
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    @nitwhiz Ah I see. Just interesting to hear alternate solutions. Good luck with that!
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