I just wanna cry rn, I'm not even mad. Something happened while trying to install High Sierra on my third partition and somehow both my drives (HDD and SSD) stopped working. Nothing boots. Files? Probably gone. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. I was careful, I didn't click or execute anything I didn't know. How? Just... How?

Now I have to hope my important stuff is still there and I can recover it. If it's just the EFI fucked up, ok, I can fix it. If the partition table is fucked up (most probable) idk if I can fix it, hopefully I can. AAARGH

There goes my entire day or even the entire weekend... All because I don't own a piece of shit of an iPhone and needed an emulator to try to reproduce an issue on a fucking webapp for a client.

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    Everything was set up so nicely, flawlessly working, properly configured. Now I have to do it all again. I should just buy more SSDs and have one per OS...
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    ouch that sucks, can you liveboot from a usb to see the damage?

    Perhaps an idea to make your setups redundant and use a (ansible) script to set up all configuration on your mac?
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    @alexbrooklyn I'm live booting into an Ubuntu CD I have, but I noticed it has an option to verify the disk in its bootloader so I'm running that before anything else, let's see if it tells me anything useful. The shitty thing is that booting from a CD (or even a USB stick) is slow af.

    I just looked up what ansible is. Sounds useful, but rn I have no time learn that. I have too much stuff from college and work to do. Thanks anyway :)

    EDIT: disk verification said no problems were found. What a useless piece of shit.
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    Update: ok ok seems that somehow MacOS just yeeted my boot partition into the void, so I just need to create it again. It doesn't seem very hard to do though, so that's nice.
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    @FrodoSwaggins a bit late for that... However, I booted Linux from a live CD and everything seems fine, just the EFI partition is gone, all the other ones seem fine. I unplugged my hard drive though (the one that has all really important stuff), just to be sure I wouldn't fuck up anything very important. I also don't have any other computer I can hook up my drives, just a laptop.
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    Update: after a few hours I got it all working again just like before. All I needed to do was re-create the EFI partition, copy all the bootloaders into it, fix fstab file with the new EFI partition UUID, install Clover and add it as a UEFI boot entry.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Start backing up your stuffs to a cloud storage soon.
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    ALWAYS have a copy of TestDisk on something bootable.
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