So today I logged into devrant and noticed that all of the ++ buttons were gone. Apparently the Fanboy's Annoyances filter list (which I enabled recently in AdGuard) includes the "plusone" CSS class, which is the class name Devrant uses for the ++ button. Whoops.

I think I might remove that filter list entirely. There's a lot of other very non-specific stuff it blocks that might break a lot of websites.

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    What the fuck is a fanboy annoyance list?
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    @shoop The name of a list in many adblockers. Blame the creator if you don't like it :D
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    @shoop There's a user who goes by the name Fanboy who contributed a bunch of addon lists to the EasyList adblocker lists. One of them is Annoyances that blocks a bunch of social network integration crap to prevent tracking. But it has a blanket block on the plusone CSS class which blocks the ++ buttons here lol.

    Like I said, I think the filter list is too aggressive and I'll probably be removing it.
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