I despise the “...but everyone already knows how to use this (do it this way, etc.),” excuse. Fucking despise that shit.

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    Be careful there - while a lot of times this is used as an excuse to be lazy, once you're dealing with larger teams it becomes really important everyone's on the same page. Something you suggest may be in fact a way better solution, but there are other things to consider, like how expensive workforce is (e.g. PHP devs are cheaper than Kotlin devs), how long the rest of the team will take to adjust, what it means for DevOps / QA teams, are there readily available extensions or you need to make your own, ... from that viewpoint "everyone uses it" is a valid and important factor.
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    But everybody already knows how to drive a bicycle, why build a car?
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    I think that an explanation in one sentence with no content is seldom a wise idea (good exception is eg "run for your life" as it is very wise when you are being hunted ;))

    Fun thing is, @hitko is right here, most of the stuff can be simply written down on paper with Pro / Con instead of an endless emotional discussion.

    And the discussion and pointless stupid decision making without any reasoning makes me angry...

    At least think about what you decide before you do it.
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    If you always do things the way you've always done them, you're stuck in the past and will never learn anything new.

    "We've been doing it this way for 20 years!" is just another way of saying they haven't tried anything new for 20 years. It also means they've probably been doing things wrong or poorly for at least 15.
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    @TheKalpit Until you have enough people interested & capable of buying cars, you won't switch your bicycle production line to a car production line, you'll keep that to R&D and maybe get a couple of people to produce cars on the side. Only once you figure how to make a couple hundred cars per year and how to get a couple hundred people interested in paying enough to cover research & production costs, you'll consider going into production, no matter how loud some employee is about this new "car" thing. Maybe you'll even fire their ass for talking about cars instead of doing their work...
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    @hitko yes, precisely. It’s a gray area, not binary right/wrong. Sometimes it needs to be done, sometimes it’s wiser not to do it.
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