What do developers usually mean when they say the version of a software or library is in rc-x? e.g Tensorflow2.2 in rc-3, Golang in rc-2.

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    RC usually means "Release Candidate", which is a beta version that's undergoing final testing before releasing it as the new stable version. That means they aren't planning any new features for that release and are just fixing bugs until they deem it stable enough to be a full release.
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    @EmberQuill thanks for explanation 👍
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    @EmberQuill I never understood that concept.
    In the past, we simply called that "Beta".
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    @Benedikt a lot of projects don't bother with that stage. For the ones that do, it's usually sort of a post-beta, "We think we squashed all the bugs but let's do a final pass" build.
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