Life is Hard and so does Scala

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    Does anyone still care about scala now that there's kotlin?
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    @spongessuck fuckinG PIECE OF SHIT IMMA GUT YOU NIGGA

    K*tlin is literally just the bad parts taken from scala and the rest dumbed down so fuckin indian retards with 50 iq can understand that crap did you fucking look at the bytecode its about twice as big as it needs to be and for som reason uses reflection instead of the damn collections api because yes jerbrains is so fucking totally better than oracle yeah they dont need fucking conventions at all their biggest fucking issue is "oh my god this variable is null" nigga maybe dont leave uninitialised variabled barfed around your fucking codebase you dont need a fuckin subpar ass language just because your engineers suck colossal donkey dick
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    @yellow-dog fucking hell that was brütal beyond belief.
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    This fucking "language" could feed my blog posts for like an entire year and i wouldnt be finished with their fuckery because they seem to think following compiler standards is for losers or something scala3 will fuckin mop the floor with this crap
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    @yellow-dog Google has a tendency to believe that people that work with their tech stacks are retards. Example: Go, Dart, Kotlin.

    I still like Kotlin tho, but would have much preferred if the main language was Scala. Reason why its not is that the Android API is so shit that it wouldn't have worked well with Scala. gg tho
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    @AleCx04 what im happy about is that aside from android, kotlin seems to be dead. Ive seen a few startups using it when it got hype, but even those are gone now. I dont mind that crap being an "android language", they cant really make that any worse than it already is.

    Yeah, a lot of their "design choices" make sense if you take into consideration that most of the "language" is just stitched together java6
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    @yellow-dog nah man I've never done Android development just iOS so I have no idea what I'm talking about.
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