Dear Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, devRant, and almost every social media site available:

Scrolling down on a phone is much less natural than scrolling sideways and having the scroll snap to the next unit of content.

Like every pictures/ gallery app. It's a lot easier to focus on one piece of content and it even shortens the duration of scroll required in many cases thanks to the snapping.

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    tbf touch interfaces are horrible, however you use them
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    The problem with that is the new gestures on Android 10. I would fucking rage quit because of how many times you accidentally go backwards
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    Have to disagree. You'd have to look at every single piece of content. To browse through large numbers of content would require you to scroll every time, instead of just being able to scroll once and see what goes by.

    And fyi, the Reddit app has this feature
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    The content doesn't usually take up a whole page, so the screen would be half empty all the time. Also swiping will require you to do more actions to see a more posts, so the idea is not that great afterall
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    Adding on to other comments… when the content is large enough that it needs scrolling, you’ll end up with 4-way scrolling.

    Horizontal scrolling works great for images, not for text.
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    You can do this in the official reddit app(on android at least)
    First open one post, then you can start scrolling sideways
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