Just received an email from a client's new liaison.

He spells "going to" as "goner" and "could have" as "could of".

As if I needed more anxiety these days.

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    There's a new redneck in town.
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    @rutee07 Ideal instead of idea is my trigger word
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    You are goner, debug this project?
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    so, after a boner is gone, it becomes a goner? makes sense
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    Why does stuff like that give you anxiety? You should embrace it, show’s diversity in your clients. Sure might not be the best spelling / grammar but from where that guy’s from .. many people don’t give a shit about spelling .. they are focused on the task at hand not details of words... you many think they are less intelligent than you because of this made up metric but that isn’t very tolerant of multi culturalism of you.
    I live in a very rural part of northern Michigan, (not from there .. moved there) I embrace the different lifestyle, accents disregard for meaningless details that these folks have.. they are hard working people. They may not know everything technical but they are the first ones to help you if you need something physical built... repairs you your house... car fixed.. hell most of these folks here can tear a transmission out of a car, a rebuild it blindfolded... that takes skill. Beautiful/ intelligence is in the eye of the be holder..
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