I duking suck. I don't even have points for my avatar

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    When you create tags with the hashtag here it creates one multi-word weird tag. Just as tip.
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    @blubberfish thanks, that's to symbolize the cringe of my post
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    You just make good comments and rants, be active in the community, and you will get your ++

    Welcome btw, and tags are comma separated
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    @shoop Thanks, this community is really nice.
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    Welcome, Mr. Self-deprecation.
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    @Root Thanks, I will join the Emo community too.
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    @Bybit260 Whats with your -- really goes -- !
    Here have some +
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    @Bybit260 Gave the final + to make a 10. You may now build a face to emo with.
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    Welcome! I'm relatively new too, just post good rants, you'll get upvotes. I've been here less than a week, but a couple of good jokes, and 100 upvotes already. This is a great community, enjoy and have fun!
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    @Kalashnikov Thanks, I gave you one too.
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