Pay decreased today. Better than a furlough but still sucks. 😒

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    @rutee07 that sucks. I hate trying to train someone you know is just gonna screw up what you did already... and they might replace you.
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    @rutee07 that's the spirit!
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    @rutee07 The question is, is it a "nice" junior dev?
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    We have more resignees than new hires so hopefully no pay cuts... hopefully.
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    @iamai we did too but also a retail company...
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    pay decreased for me too. the company works on restaurant automation software. it might be a hit but no layoffs though
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    Lmao I am not getting paid until god knows when coz our ceo changed our funds to dollar (based on a fear of currency drop due to Saudi Russia oil feud) which is now inaccessible due to the lock down and we are from a third world country (and an oil based economy) so the central bank is restricting all access to dollar accounts or some shit. Anyway HR sent a mail asking us to, get this, "ration" what we have but like continue working without rationing that. Skskskks
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