Ah, the joys of using a bleeding edge web framework! After updating a bunch of NuGet packages, I get the TypeInitializationException from hell. Googling the error message turns up void, because seems to be me and about a dozen other devs using this framework.

2-3 new threads per week in the support forum and mentioned in a total of 288 StackOverflow questions. It feels lonely using this framework, but the design is so darn promising...

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    What is the framework? If it has an interesting design then some of us could have a play with it.
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    @ridecar2 It's WebSharper. The developers have contributed several research papers to academic conferences, so their work is based on computer science research rather than just 'hacking happily away'.

    It allows you to use F# on both client and server side. It seems C# support has recently been added too, but if I were to use anything else than F#, it would probably be Elm rather than C#.
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    Adding: you can play with it at http://try.websharper.com/
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    I've had a play, love the design. Have you had a look at the Fable compiler too?
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    @ridecar2 I haven't tried Fable, but it looks interesting. A natural development of Babel would be to output WebAssembly when that gets released, and with Fable being Babel based that looks promising.

    BTW, my WebSharper problems disappear when I copy the files to a different project. So it could be a VS2015 project problem, and not necessarily a WebSharper thing.
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