Google > Apple

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    By that logic no privacy>privacy
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    Do you think that in 2016 there is still a company that respects your privacy? Wake up
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    Yes I do believe there are some companies that still want to support a certain sense of privacy
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    Do you know why there's so many free stuff on the internet? Advertising.
    Our world is totally based on advertising, every company earns from it and in order to do good advertising campaigns they need informations about the end user, you.
    So they can display to you ads that you'll probably find interesting.
    So please stop complaining about privacy, because we've all sold it. WE had.
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    @altermind the truth has been spoken.
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    That's your opinion, I've given up very little info online, I've got no Facebook, no twitter, I only use incognito so can't be tracked by cookies, I only use DuckDuckGo and I use my own email server (though I will admit I have a hotmail and iCloud email, but I very rarely use them), it is possible to mainly keep privacy in this age but just giving up and using the company that takes all is not the way to do it
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    This is a bit more extreme but in the end you're still online and no matter how hard you try to keep everything private there will always be a way that people/companies can get to your info...hence no real privacy but more the illusion of it.

    Also DuckDuckGo sure... but incognito? that's not really helping you much...
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    @Ryhazerus But there are some major distinctions between companies like Google and Apple, Google literally uses your personal information to make money, that is where the majority of their income is from, where as Apple makes most of its money from hardware ergo doesn't HAVE to take your info, in addition Google also does most of its machine learning using your personal data on its servers, where as the only ML that's done off the iPhone on iOS is Siri, plus there lots of other stuff, e.g. Apple automatically has all its cloud data encrypted so they physically can't look at it where as google uses cloud info for more ad personalisation. Put it like this, when the US government stopped using Blackberry there's a reason they went with Apple and iOS and it's not because they liked the backgrounds more than on android (oh and I almost forgot Apple have actually made a point of arguing for privacy in court against the FBI, unlike google and Facebook which are well known for not arguing)
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    @Ryhazerus And sorry I should have clarified I use incognito to stop cookies from tracking me on the computer as much as possible
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    @hidden if you have a cellphone than you already have all your info released just saying...your phones holds a lot...
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