Just got my first mechanical keyboard. Should have gotten red switches instead of blue ones 😅

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    You you got a good excuse to buy your next keyboard :)
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    Well I _just_ bought this one and i don’t think I need two keyboards (+the two old ones that I replaced)
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    I started with a Das Keyboard with mx-blues. Then a custom built with Gateron Browns. And I now use another custom built 60% with Zilent switches, which is a joy. It's a hobby, but given the time I spend in front of it, it's worth it.
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    Reds are probably the best, but since I'm getting my gf a keyboard for her birthday I just ordered a switch tester first to avoid this very issue
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    @deeplearning I should’ve done the same thing
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    Browns are objectively the greatest. 😘
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    @deeplearning Reds are a good choice imho, can't do much wrong with those.

    A switch tester is always recommended though, in the worst case it's nice to play around with it.
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