Gotta work on some enterprise application in ASP.NET. Haven't written a single line in C# before... Have experience in Java though. Any suggestions regarding learning-resource? Thanks in advance

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    Hahaha good luck.
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    Read the docs
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    Don't apply java theory or standards to it. Grok generics, they're different/better.

    Streams API is linq.
    There's no aspect orientation (you don't need it for the most part).
    Interfaces start with capital I.
    Futures API equivalent are Tasks.
    Read up on DI config
    Callable and Runnable aren't a thing

    Other than that building server side UI kind of sucks, but is more intuitive than servlets. Should be fine.

    MS docs are pretty good. There's no baeldung for .Net. Do NOT take advice from C# corner, they are almost universally wrong.
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    There are lots if good tutorial videos, from very basic to advanced multithreading or similar. And lots of examples.

    Also, while stackoverflow has a bit of a bad rep for overzealous moderation or unfriendly people there are lots of good questions and answers and they are working hard to improve manners.

    But I you are going to ask a question, do a thorough search and read up on guides for questions.

    And be polite in your question.

    Good questions still usually get good answers.
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    Or just buy John skeet a beer. He loves free beer.
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    @SortOfTested and strange code and problems, probably served together :P
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    I stand with Mongolian vowel separator 🇲🇳
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    @SortOfTested Thanks for all that really, especially about the C# corner. I'll keep in mind.

    @Voxera Feels like I asked the question in my knee-jerk-rant mood. I agree with you, it should have been more focused, based on research. I feel great to be a part of the developer community, where members are surprisingly helpful to one another... quite unexpected in today's world. To end, you're right, thanks for pointing out.
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    I've recently started an asp.net core project my self for the first time.
    The MS docs are quite good. Google and stackoverflow will fill the gaps.

    Coming from Java you probably should learn how async/await works in C#.

    In asp net core, many things are configured declaratively. I needed to get used to it. Bit it's quite nice actually.
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    Honestly C# is better put together than Java. Just forget about getters and setters and replace the idea with... Getters and setters (but with the C# syntax.)

    Learn about interfaces and you're good! There's a lot of transferrable skills.
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    @RikaroDev Oh I did not interpret you question as a rant, I just had no explicit examples and I apologize if I appeared to be lecturing, that was not my intention.

    I just meant that its easy to overlook youtube tutorials :)
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