This weekend I'm going to attempt to write an application that I'm missing right now. (It might exist already but hey, I'm in for a programming challenge)

I'll probably have a stable backend within the hour, the frontend is going to be 'fun', though 😅

And yes, I'll be using a frontend framework because otherwise I could just as well quit right fucking now.

Its been a while, this is going to be fun!

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    Keep us posted on fuckups :D
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    I start hating frontend part more and more.

    1 hour for complex backend, calculating stats, data etc : no problems

    1 page html/css : 4 hours of pain and misery.
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    @NoToJavaScript Like seriously, what the fuck are you doing?
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    @NoToJavaScript Same! I'll be using loads of JS as well ;)
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    What kind of application if I may?
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    @Jilano A way to quickly copy URLs (or text) between devices through a web app :)
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    @linuxxx Google Keep, EverNote, OneNote, Send to Chrome, all the cloud storage apps like GDrive?
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    @billgates Everything you mentioned is proprietary and belongs to questionable companies

    @linuxxx Sounds useful!
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    @Jilano hm.... But it's just a url...

    Feels like one of those projects you do when you don't have anything better to do?

    I think that was me last week when I was trying to get my app working on another computer...

    Now I just binge shows and should probably work on my reading list...
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    @billgates It's so much more to anyone actively trying to build your profile.
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    Google keep: google aka no-go.
    Evernote: commercial company, nothing encrypted (e2e) aka no-go
    OneNote: microsoft aka no-go
    Chrome: google so no-go
    GDrive: google so no-go

    That pretty much sums it up haha. And its not meant for permanent storage, just temporary link sharing!
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    @Marl3x Oh and I'm already stuck on even fucking CHOOSING a frontend framework :(
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    You mean something like https://www.copy-paste.online/ with a small difference, your site works and that one doesn't
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    @EaZyCode Kinda. It'd get synced through the 'cloud' but e2e encrypted and automatically removed after x time of inactivity :)
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    @linuxxx sounds interesting, I need that a lot sometimes
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    @EaZyCode I'm just struggling with the frontend right now, I chose Semantic UI and its still doing nothing 😅

    (Keep in mind I'm a Linux admin, backender and cyber security engineer professionally)
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    @linuxxx hm... Snapchat? :)
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    There's this fdroid app that might be a good starting point: https://f-droid.org/app/... though I'm guessing it might only goe one way (from phone to computer), and idk if it has e2e encryption.

    If note-taking apps count, I guess there's Nextcloud Notes which satisfies your requirements, though you need to install and configure Nextcloud first...

    Otherwise, there's Telegram's saved messages (aka chat-to-self, though technically it's not e2e, but you could use pgp).

    Even better: a Wire group with just yourself in it.

    I swear I remember seeing another f-droid app similar to the first one I linked, which allowed sharing both ways and eith encryption too, but I can't seem to find it anymore...

    E: I think it was KDE-Connect
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    @endor KDE connect is great and so are some of the things you mentioned but it can't be platform specific nor have authentication...

    I'm writing a solution as we speak!
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    @Marl3x @Jilano Well one fuckup already; a design mistake (application design). Except for that I hope I'll have a testable version ready soon :)
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