No, Karlie. Just, no.

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    "oh look at me I'm smart I can code"

    Bonus points if you're a woman

    These people often just write a JavaScript hello world, think they're programmers now and off they go to the internet to get some attention.

    Ooooohh this pisses me off so much and I don't even know why. Why the fuck do I care?
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    every damn time i try to watch some """tutorial""" on fucking youtube I end up spending 192803457 seconds watching some dickhead correcting typos. it's like they fucking like pressing the backspace on their stupid mbps. and invariably ends with "fuck this shit" *ctrl-f4*
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    "<gaessaki> @qrazyqudz she needs to join our startup."
    "<qrazyqudz> @gaessaki let's invite her"

    Yes, please invite the person who types "cd.." into her terminal, gets a "command not found: cd..", and goes ahead and retries.
    Congrats. Your startup will tank in no time.
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    Extra point for Karlie if she is teaching some code bootcamp.
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    Bought da macbook jus for coding, only on wednesdays
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    @sweetnothings you know, I can see your point. My childhood heroes were just portrayed by actors, too. "haha Shatner was never in space" wouldn't exactly impress me as far as criticism goes against Kirk. However...

    > It's cute that she doesn't know Linux but making fun of her? That's not right.

    "Not knowing Linux" isn't the point. It's a promo photo. She and Flatiron had all the time in the world to arrange it. And the best they could do was a string of nonsense terminal commands? Oh, come on. With that she's not breaking the stereotype, she's *confirming* it.
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    I'm was already embarrassed for Karlie when she said 'kode'
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    @karma not surprised she has a mac
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    @dontbeevil me neither haha
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    @sweetnothings Yes, inspiration is found in the strangest places. For me it was Russian exchange students, where the girls said "Maths, CompSci etc are reputable jobs, aren't they? There's a stigma in the West? This is stupid."
    And they're right. "Inspiring girls to code" shouldn't exist, it should be too normal for anyone to care. I'm happy if Karlie contributes to such a world.

    > well she probably needed a quick colorful thumbnail

    Yeah, right. If that were true, being pretty was more important than being accurate. Which would, again, mean she'd be confirming the stereotype rather than breaking it.

    However awesome Karlie is, we shouldn't idolize her or make up excuses for her mistakes. I respect people if they own up to it. Because such honesty shows willingness to improve. I'm convinced one can inspire children and actual devs alike. Instead of "No, Karlie. Just, no" you'd only read "Go Karlie". And that would be truly awesome.
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