So everyone is complaining about working from home. Fuck it, I love it. My productivity was never higher than now.

I didn't have an office space before at home, so I created one. I spent money on it but that's good because this whole corona thing made me realize how much I don't miss:
- company politics, who said what said
- commute
- people bothering you in the middle of you doing something
- catching-up breaks with people I hardly care about asking about holiday I took last year but they "ahhh thought it was just last week! so did you eat anything nice?"
- answering forced "any plans for the weekend" questions
- participating in conversations about nothing

The worst thing is that I'm actually a very sociable person 😂 so working from home means I can go meet my friends at 1630 sharp instead of 19.

I just don't need those fake relationships at work I guess.

Im already discussing with my manager possibility to work from home most of the time and I think I'll soon start to search for something 100% remote.

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    Agree. I hope this crisis will permanently change the culture of work. It makes so little sense that millions of people commute into big cities just to sit in a silly open office space. Society would be so much healthier if we could get rid of industrial age work organisation.
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    Sooo you have any plans for this weekend. I think I will read a book
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    That highly depends on your environment. Working at home when you have little children can be a hassle, for example.

    Also quick question: You can actually go out and meet people in this period? I haven't looked about the situation in the Netherlands, but I'm surprised to hear that. Is it like Denmark where you can meet up to 10 persons but only the same ones?
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    I'm glad you take your time enjoying this. I don't xD *succumbing noises from home distractions*
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    I think most people here agree with you - it's just the latest weekly rant topic concerned things you don't like about working from home, which is probably why you've seen more rants on that topic recently.
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    In the old days you could lock them in the coal cupboard. :-)
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    The next great "advancement" we need is to wean folk off video chat for everything and into text chat, since that is far easier to archive / index / search and uses a lot less bandwidth. (Not everyone is connected by fibre !)

    And we can all talk at once. :-)
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    FX [ Nods in total agreement with arfro. ]

    I've been saying it for years..

    Oh wait, decades !

    If I live long enough, I could say centuries, but hopefully by then I won't need to suggest it..
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    @Jilano well I don't actually live in Amsterdam, literally the first city that came to my mind haha, I just don't share the real location in case I have to say shit about my colleagues / company 😋

    Also, with meeting my friends I meant more like after all this crazy times are over :) don't actually do much meeting now
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    @Nanos Yes this. Even after a month of video calls I still get infuriated whenever people talk over each other (that's how it is when you don't have eye contact) and the general call quality is down the shitter.
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    @arfro Ha! Fair enough, it's a nice city after all!

    As for meetings, I can't wait to (safely) go back to a nice restaurant
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    only downside to wfh for me is 98% of my socializing happens at work since im a lazy loner, so its a little lonely for me but i just gotta put more effort into interacting with my actual friends
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    I find it works best if just one person talks, and everyone else types. (With their microphone turned off, or else we all hear them typing..)
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    I think you can make a judgement one year down the road working full remote, it's too early to be saying "I hate remote" or "I love remote". Loneliness stacks with time
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    Developers are thinking, “Nice. I don’t need to be there physically and produce the same.”
    The managers are thinking, “Uh oh. The big bosses can see how little I produce.”

    That means we all go back afterward because the managers are concerned about their job security. A software company should never have more managers than developers.
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    @Ubbe So true, like atleast one or two day working from should be duable in our sector.
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