Trying to learn some C# with graphical interface, thinking on doing pacman, snake, breakout or some other game but don't want to use an engine like unity.

Windows forms is windows exclusive so i was trying to learn something cross platform. Since i'm using linux and vscode, disk space 8s not a privilege i have access to... (lazy)

Any good reference/tutorials/advices on where to start?

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    If you just want to use native .Net technology the only options left for you is to go web with ASP.Net and or you could go Mono (https://www.mono-project.com)

    The only thing you have to consider it that .Net is mostly design to work for Windows. If you want to use develop cross platform I recommend you to look at other language.

    PS : I don't hate C# , I been coding C# for more than 5+ year
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    I dunno, I ship a 5 product suite on dotnet, our data services handle ~5M rps at load. It's much easier to dev and run our stack on Linux with dotnet core, it just has a more laser focus on providing services and FE web in the basic templates scenarios.

    That said, we do have some wasm and webgl in our stack that dotnet capably provides a backend for. If you want to embed mono.wasm, you can also execute your dlls directly in a browser. There's also the electron embedded option.

    And then there's F# and fable, which is also super cool. I've enjoyed that immensely.

    If you're looking for a graphics rendering library, go C++. Vulkan and direct-x are the jam there. Though, if you like C#, Godot is an option as well, even if it's v7.
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    The reason i chose c# is i'm used to C/C++ and wanted to try something familiar. And since i use VSCode, i didn't need to install other ide.

    That said, i don't have a preference in language, the purpose is exactly learning a new one.

    Do you sugest to look into F# and fable? Never heard of fable. (just the game xD)
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    Nah, it's just cool. And fast. Dotnetcore isn't really a good choice for games though. It lacks support for any sort of forms, and has no hooks for graphics libs (sans using a lot of interop).

    But hey, go nuts on the bitmap class :D
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    @SortOfTested done snake on console already different colored squares.

    Saw Vulkan, maybe I'll try that
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    I am just answering the question and for me game is not really my thing.

    I use the dot net stack when I needed to develop for Windows customer and use other language when I needed a cross platform solution.
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    I agree for games.

    But for standart interfaces, there are some promissing things.

    Example : https://avaloniaui.net/

    Edit : And someone managed to put a 3D engine inside that (See thier "featured product" : GritGene
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