soo after finishing 1 year of my 2 yr CS program, i moved back to my hometown so my partner wouldn't have to keep commuting for her career. couldnt get a cs job here with no experience and only 1 yr of school and like basically no portfolio to show for myself, i took a customer service job in a tech company with a lot of support for career pathing.

end goals are to end up working for their software dev team, mid goal is to switch into their web dev team from customer service since the career pathing is WAY easier from customer service to web dev, then web dev to sw dev rather than customer service straight to sw dev

so in the meantime i need to be practicing and building my portfolio but FUCK i have NO motivation and with coronavirus fucking up my life and everybody elses all i wanna do at the end of the workday and on weekends is melt into my bed in a semi-comatose state

i woke up early today to get some work done on my portfolio but all im doing is watching grey's anatomy and playing mobile games

i used to feel so motivated and excited to code but the excitement is gone and now even doing stuff for myself is a lot more like work than play

just need to rant it out rn

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    I feel you, been there done that. You should take a 1~2 week break, without any coding, eventually you're going to have motivation to work on something again. I do that every couple of months and it always works.
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    @ItsaMeTuni I could try that on studying,
    **checks for parents** if they were letting me
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    You could always day drink a whole bottle of vodka.

    I'll do that once every 9 months, like Picasso giving creative birth to abominations. And it's like a reset. Moods 100% better.

    Welp. Today I learned im an alcoholic.
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    Anything you write acts as a portfolio. Don't be afraid to write stupid or unnecessary shit to add to it, as as long as it represents your skills, it helps.
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