CTO for the picture.

This is so real, people are having a bad time because of the covid-19, productivity could be affected by this, my colleagues are having a hard time since they cant realy separate work from work anymore, the situation is hard as it is, i hope we all get through this.

Please Give Loving Comments below so i can show this to my dev/non dev friends that are having a hard time.

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    What a #hashtag
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    In our company they send an email with uplifting reminders to just take 5 minutes for yourself. Be calm and find happiness even on the smallest of things. Your coffee, your home, your job, good health etc. Just find something to smile about 😃
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    That reflects a society that has completely unlearnt to deal with any real problem situations.
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    @melezorus34 If you're right, then I fear the word "education" and the whole idea of raising children is now forgotten forever
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    @CodeTalker dude, just ask your parents.
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    I can totally relate. I’m finishing up my graduate school works, while dealing with all kinds of crisis in life. Although no one is pushing me, I still feel tremendous amount of stress and uncertainties (Can I graduate on time? Can I find a job and pay my rent?)

    I wish everyone stays healthy, both physically and mentally. We can go through this dark period together.
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    @Root after all these years with mixing hashtags in paragraphs, I am still unable to deal with it.
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    @melezorus34 i beg to disagree, can you tag me i the thread where she talks about it?
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    Why are all you #DevRant people #Dissing the art of putting #Hashtags in paragraphs?
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    @melezorus34 Define "abuse" first. If it's your small children intruding your personal zone, this is not abusing, just you not having a damn ounce of authority
    By abuse I personally mean physical or verbal violence toward somebody. And, sorry I'll be this piece of shit saying that, but if you've let your own child do that to the point that it is normal for him / her, then it's technically your fault. Also summed up as "you reap what you sow". Peoples should educate their children first before bitching around

    Now for valid cases of children abusing their parents, having a grown son / daughter abusing you while you did all you could to raise them morally that is, then it sure unfortunately happens, but let me doubt the "usually". My mother is working in the social field and most of the abuse reports they get are about parents abusing their children.
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    @melezorus34 No. I have neve said that.

    I was abused as a child, frequently severely. I don't abuse my children, and they don't abuse me or my time, either -- though they do absolutely waste it.

    Abuse has a pretty specific meaning.
    Please don't throw it around lightly.
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    @Fast-Nop Why deal with something when you can avoid it (for a while) or blame someone else?
    When you have a (supposedly) world leader calling someone else a "fake" for quoting him, no wonder others are behaving the same.
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