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    prob whitespace?
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    how in blazes one can get such diff? (maybe it's
    some troll swapping charsets)
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    @vintprox endline change. Greek question mark instead of ;
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    @hjk101 ah, indeed, EOL is crucial for version control and such.

    Haha, greek question mark (";") is a mega troll
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    @vintprox yes although a space or a tab after the ; is also invisible but still change. Often happens when the committers editor is stripping redundant whitespace. @mojo2012 is correct on all accounts but the trolling.
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    It's highlighting that it should be const
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    Check :
    * whitespaces
    * tabs vs spaces
    * line endings
    * other line endings
    * encoding

    At our place it's the first order of day to get every dev with the same setup for these things, if not it can be unmanagble. fast
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    We have some ground rules but the setup does not have to be the exact same.

    * Utf-8
    * UNIX line ending
    * Strip whitespace
    * Indent the way the language or framework dictates.

    Unfortunately the last one is messing a lot with spaces. Golang proves that tabs are superior. Especially the 2 space indent can be a bit hard to follow at times.

    Strip whitespace should not strip markdown files ideally. Double space is part of the syntax. We don't use it ourselves as it is asking for trouble.
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    I have this issue all the goddamn time.

    (Also, tags are CSV and can have spaces.)
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