I'm coding again!!!❤️❤️❤️

Next thing I'm ranting about is, again, the fact that I have to spell colour like "color" 😤😤😤

I'm pissed

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    Fellow UK crowd coming through, sharing your disdain for US spelling.
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    There's npm install postcss-spiffing, which compiles British CSS into US CSS. I think it only does "colour", but it shouldn't be too difficult to add other things like "centre", etc.
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    And us non-native english speakers get confused.
    Certer or centre?
    Analyze or analyse? One thing is sure: it's anal...
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    @blol I think you're wrong about that, British folk don't do anal, they feel properly chuffed after little bum-kerfuffling.
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    When I first returned to America in 2016, I had a co-worker who was English and she thought I was English at first because I'd say "lift" and how I rented a "flat" and then she was like, "Wait .. he's using my words but doesn't have my accent!"

    I had spent ~3 years living in New Zealand and 1 in Australia before that. Man, I should have never left. Wellington is my favourite city in the world.
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    @djsumdog Kiwis are like linguistic chameleons. British words, almost-US accents, then suddenly they're calling you "mate" and you think "It's like Australian but much less drawly, with fuller vowels". Then the next sentence you're sure your listening to a Londoner doing their best to sound like a sophisticated New Yorker.

    Stealthy bastards. I bet New Zealanders would make excellent spies.
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    Not a Brit, but your ancestors colonized us so we are in it together :)
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    Less letters and also portable to the spanish language. Why the heck do you need the 'u' for? Just throw it away. Its roots were literally the latin word color spelled exactly the same. Is like the ANSI C version of the word without losing any functionality.
    Long live simple standards and conventions.
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