I'm coding again!!!❤️❤️❤️

Next thing I'm ranting about is, again, the fact that I have to spell colour like "color" 😤😤😤

I'm pissed

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    Fellow UK crowd coming through, sharing your disdain for US spelling.
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    There's npm install postcss-spiffing, which compiles British CSS into US CSS. I think it only does "colour", but it shouldn't be too difficult to add other things like "centre", etc.
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    And us non-native english speakers get confused.
    Certer or centre?
    Analyze or analyse? One thing is sure: it's anal...
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    @blol I think you're wrong about that, British folk don't do anal, they feel properly chuffed after little bum-kerfuffling.
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    When I first returned to America in 2016, I had a co-worker who was English and she thought I was English at first because I'd say "lift" and how I rented a "flat" and then she was like, "Wait .. he's using my words but doesn't have my accent!"

    I had spent ~3 years living in New Zealand and 1 in Australia before that. Man, I should have never left. Wellington is my favourite city in the world.
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    @djsumdog Kiwis are like linguistic chameleons. British words, almost-US accents, then suddenly they're calling you "mate" and you think "It's like Australian but much less drawly, with fuller vowels". Then the next sentence you're sure your listening to a Londoner doing their best to sound like a sophisticated New Yorker.

    Stealthy bastards. I bet New Zealanders would make excellent spies.
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    Not a Brit, but your ancestors colonized us so we are in it together :)
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